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One beauty of our justice system is the fact that you can bring a claim against anyone who has wronged you, for nearly any reason. A downside is that others can do the same to you.


Regardless of whether you're bringing a claim or someone is pursuing damages from you, you'll want the finest representation to ensure that your rights and assets are protected.

People will do a lot that you won't like

Civil litigation can take a lot of time and drain a lot of resources. I'll do my best to ensure that neither of those things occur.

What can I help with?

If so, then you should be aware that any real estate transaction is a veritable minefield of technical, highly consequential legal proceedings.


Don't enter into such an important transaction without a qualified, experienced attorney on your side. Head over to my real estate law page and I'll show you how to protect yourself from what is most certainly waiting for you.

Are you hoping to buy a home, or sell the one you're already in?

Let's talk about any case you'd like to bring.


  • Contract disputes

  • Debt collection defense

  • Debt collection abuse

  • Slander/libel/defamation and Internet defamation

  • Identity theft litigation

  • Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy