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Either way, your real estate transaction is very important and represents something significant in your life. From buying your first home to selling the house your kids grew up in, there's a lot riding on the way your deal shakes out.


If you want to make sure that you're covered from every angle, have me look at your transaction over before everything's said and done.

Buying or selling?

Real estate transactions are too important to leave yourself legally exposed. Ensure that you don't by having me look your deal over.

  • Negotiating and preparing purchase offers and sales agreements

  • Understanding the mortgage process

  • Reviewing all closing documents

  • Resolving title and closing disputes

  • Receive the assistance you need in crucial aspects of your deal

  • Refinance borrowers and lenders

  • Landlords and tenants in all housing matters

My work rests on the basic legal principles that this country was founded on. Those rights can be applied in countless legal situations and for every type of person.


Head over to my general practice page and learn a little more about why I do, what I do and what types of legal situations I can help you with.

There's not much that I can't do

Give me a call today and we can discuss your case.


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